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Omnicon is Ireland’s newest Geek Culture Convention, taking place in Limerick in August. Omnicon is a one day event (for now) representing all that modern geek culture has to offer. Games, Cosplay, Sci-fi, Comics, Manga, Workshops; we will have them all! An open forum is available here, where you can pitch your ideas to the Omnicon team directly, to make the convention a place for everyone. This is an event made by fans for fans! Omnicon will take place on the 25th of August 2018 in the South Court Hotel in Raheen.

Groot is coming to Omnicon!!

Uncanny Collectibles Raffle Prize

Hi All, As you may have seen from our social media, as well of Uncanny Collectibles, Groot will be joining us at Omnicon this year! And if that wasn't awesome enough you also have the chance to win him in a raffle that will be held on the day. Tickets for the raffle are only €3! You can buy tickets for the raffle in advance via PayPal to Uncanny Collectibles or at Omnicon at their stall. For more information and for terms and conditions please visit Uncanny Collectibles website HERE!!!

Our Timetable is now available!!

Here it is! The timetable of events for Omnicon 2018. All events subject to change, and don't be surprised if some more get added last minute, but for now, here you go. If you want to download a copy you can do so by clicking HERE

Omnicon Timetable

Omnicon Floor Plan

Take a look at our floorplan so you can plan your day.If you want to download a copy you can do so by clicking HERE

Omnicon Floorplan

Latest News

3D printing

Omnicon Keyrings

We will be selling some special Omnicon merch at our front desk during the con. We will be 3D printing some Omnicon keyrings, so if you ever wanted to see a 3D printer in action, now is your chance. The 3D printer will be running throughout the day in our display area printing these really cool keyrings.

Cosplay Photos at Omnicon

BK Photos

Attention cosplayers! Ever wanted a photo of your coslay like the one below? Ever wanted to frame one of your photos to feel proud of your work in your own home? Well Omnicon 2018 may be your chance. BK-Photos who took this photo will be on of our press photographers for the day, and he has kindly decided to bring along his printer. He will be taking photos of cosplayers on the day and printing a top quality photo of it there and then. What is more is this is absolutely free! Not many other cons offer this sort of opportunity.

Spraoi VR games announcement

Spraoi VR

We are happy to announce that Spraoi VR's games for Omnicon will be Lego Builder VR and the ever popular Space Pirate Trainer VR. So whether you want to be a Master Builder fit to rule Cloud Cuckoo Land or to fire straight from the hip as the next Han Solo, our VR section should be a great place to check out. Prices will be decided by Spraoi themself.

Brick Con are re-branding

lim Brick City

Our friends over at Brick Con Limerick are re-branding! They have a competition ongoing to celebrate their change, and we are looking forward to having them run the Lego area at Omnicon this year. There is going to be so much to do this year, make sure to come down and see for yourself.

Online Ticket-holders Raffle

We are happy to announce that our ticket holders raffle is returning this year. Every ticket bought online for Omnicon 2018 will be automatically be entered into a draw where one lucky winner will get an Omnicon goody bag filled with merch. from various vendors and outlets. And don't worry; if you have already your ticket then you will be entered as well. However this raffle will be limited to ore purchased tickets only, so buy online or at our board games night in Odeon Cinema Castletroy on August 8th to be included.

Groot signed up!

Groot Cosplay

Hey folks, Groot here just signed up for the Omnicon Cosplay Competition with his fantastic Wonder Woman outfit. And it you are interested in signing up online, then you can too; simply follow the link here and follow the form through to the end. This is not a requirement in order to enter, however it does guarantee you a space if numbers are high, and saves you a little bit of time on the day to check out the con instead. Information on the pre-judging and masquerade times will be available soon on our timetables, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, keep on crafting.

Cosplay Photography Panel

Donald Manning

Great news folks, Donald Manning of Donald Manning Photography will be presenting his ever popular panel on cosplay photography at Omnicon this year. This is a must attend for cosplayers who are interested in getting the most out of their photo shoots and photographers who are interested in learning more about the specifics of shooting cosplayers in particular. Another great one for the books.

Halo tournament


Our final console announcement this week is an old classic; Halo. This will be run on the Xbox 360 for old time sake, though we have not yet decided between Halo 3 or Halo Reach

Arms tournament


We wanted to try something different with this year's events, and so we are happy to announce that we will be running an Arms tournament on Nintendo Switch at Omnicon. Arms is one of the most interesting games to come out for the console and we are eager to see how such an event plays out. Full rules to come when our timetables go live

Mario Kart 8 tournament

Mario Kart 8

Next on the list of our free console tournaments is Mario Kart 8 for the Switch. Mario Kart is one of the most well.known and accessible games on the market, which makes it perfect for communal play at an event like ours. Full rules to come when our timetables go live.

Injustice 2 tournament

Injustice 2

Hey folks First of our console events will be Injustice 2 on the PS4. This is a great event for fighting game enthusiasts and super hero fans alike, and is completely free. Full rules to come when our timetables go live.

Celtic Cardboard

Celtic Cardboard

Hey folks, The lads and ladies from Celtic Cardboard will be joining us this year for some board game fun. Celtic Cardboard is a group that play tests new games and focuses heavily on Kickstarter material, meaning some of the games they will be bringing to the table won't even be out yet, and you will get to play it. If you are into board games, then be sure to check them out on the day.

The Gravel Pit Panel

The Gravel Pit

Hey folks, The Gravel Pit Podcast team will be joining us at Omnicon this year to present "What the Flip Media", a look at some of the most bizarre clips and happenings in anime, games, and all popular media. This should be an entertaining one to watch, so don't miss it. More announcements to be made later in the week.(July 10)

Speedster in the Tardis Panel


Fan film enthusiast, content creator and resident friendly Flash, Speedster In The Tardis Cosplays will be presenting a panel at Omnicon on getting started on YouTube. With a strong film scene in Limerick we hope this presentation will be a great interest to many going to the con.(July 4)

Spraoi VR

Spraoi VR

We are quite happy to announce that Spraoi VR will be joining us for Omnicon this year. If you have been to other Limerick or Galway based events such as GamerFest or Akumakon in the last year you would have seen these guys impressive VR rigs on show. VR game play will be available for all attendees, with more specific details on games, etc. closer to the event. Virtual reality is more than just a virtual reality, it is our reality, and we are very happy to have it this year at Omnicon.(July 2)

Kylie Dunleavy SFX Panel

Kylie Dunleavy

SFX artist Kylie Dunleavy will be presenting a panel of her work at Omnicon. For those of you interested in this line of work and art, Omnicon is the absolute place to be this August.(June 29)

South Court Hotel Discount!

South COurt Hotel

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. Are you planning your trip to Omnicon? The Great National South Court Hotel have issued us with a special discount promo code for those who wish to stay over in the hotel. The promo code is 'comic18' and can be used when booking your accommodation online. Remember tickets are available online at our early bird prices of just €12.50 (tickets are €15.00 on the door) so make sure you get yours at the early bird rate!(June 27)

Brick-Con Limerick


Hey folks While we are still looking for a video games officer, we are also looking for 4-5 regular volunteers for the con, to do things like registration and general upkeep. There is no list of desired qualities for this one, simply show up on the day, be professional, and be punctual.
If you would interested in staffing at Omnicon this year, simply email us at letting us know your intent and experience. (June 17)

Another RPG

Paddy Roche will be running an RPG at Omnicon 2018 titled:
One Piece: Bayou of Nightmares
Envy, Greed, Vengeance… these irrepressible feelings are rooted deep in the heart of man. As long as there is treasure in this world, these things will never be satiated.
Every island on the Grand Line can feel like its own little world. The weather, flora and fauna all jump about with no rhyme or reason. Within a few day’s slow sailing, you could go from blazing desert to a land of pure ice. There is only one rule in that place: always follow the Log Pose. However, a strange fog has begun to lift from the area and the hazy outline of land seems to run contrary to the Pose’s directions. For most Pirates, this would be a clear sign of danger to avoid at all costs. For the Fatal Wolves Pirates (their Captain anyway), it just looks like fun!
A One Piece D20 game for 5 Pirates voyaging through the Grand Line. (June 12)

Brick-Con Limerick

Brick-Con Limerick

If you or yours are fans of Lego, then you are in for a treat at Omnicon this year as our friends at Brick-Con Limerick will be hosting a whole Lego area at the event. The guys will have a play area, their shop, and their renowned displays such as some of the ones pictured below. Their own first event was a success a few weeks ago, so why not check them out at Omnicon this August?(June 11)

RPG for Beginners

We are happy to announce that Lydia Dutton is going to run an RPG at this years event. This is an RPG that would be ideal for first time players and those who want to try somethimg different. Max of 5 players and runs 1.5-2hrs. "Today's the Day the Owlbears have their picnic - Intro to D&D
If you go down to the woods today..... you are in for a dark surprise. A sleeply little town like any other; at least that is what you thought at first. For some time now animals have been going missing. Pets, livestock, that sort of thing but people have started disappearing now and you might be the only ones able to stop whatever it is, or, at least save who you can". (June 8)

Obsidian Dragon Panel

Obsidian Dragon Cosplay

We are delighted to announce that Obsidian Dragon Creations will be hosting a wonderful panel called 'How to Make your Dragon'. The panel will look at how to combine different techniques and the various stages of building a cosplay from scratch. This will be a fantastic panel for those that are looking to get into cosplay and for those who already cosplay and are looking to learn and expand on different techniques. Also a reminder that our flash sale is running on our earlybird prices, sale ends June 1st.(May 25)

Radar Games

Chomp game

We are delighted that Radar Games will be joining us for Omnicon this year. Radar Games will be hosting play test sessions all day for their dinosaur battle game "Chomp". Fun for all ages, Chomp let's you power up creatures and then battle it out in turn based combat. Dominate on your own or form temporary alliances to aid each other, in the end only 1 can remain. Do you have what it takes to reign supreme? As a bonus gift. All play testers will be rewarded with a special edition Omnicon 2018 Tri-Forceratops card while stocks last.(May 16)

Another Cosplay Judge!

Obsidian Dragon Cosplay

More cosplay news for you today! We are very happy to announce that Obsidian Dragon Creations will be joining us for Omnicon as our second guest judge. Eimear is known for very unconventional and impressive costumes such as a Unipey from Avatar, Chell from Portal, and a lifesize costume of Cinder from Spyro the Dragon.We are very happy to have someone of such a unique area of costume expertise with us this year, and to make it even better, she will be running a panel at the convention as well. Stay tuned for more details on that panel.(May 14)

Cosplay Competition

Cosplay really makes a con, I think we can all agree. Whether a child or an adult, the joy of seeing Batman, Storm Troopers and all your favourite anime characters all in one room brings a smile to everyone's face. That is why we are happy to announce that we will of course be running a cosplay competition and masquerade once again this year. While many will compete in the catagories of Beginner, Advanced and Master, many others will walk the stage just for fun. More details on how to sign up and our remaining judges to join Dark Knight Begins will be coming soon so keep an eye out on our pages, and get your discounted tickets here while you wait. (May 12)

Cosplay Judge announcement!

Dark Knight Begins

We are delighted to announce that Dark Knight Begins will be joining us at Omnicon 2018 as one of the judges for our cosplay competition. As far as we are concerned, Alan is the Batman of real life, so if you have ever wanted to meet and chat with the Dark Knight himself, this is your chance. He will also be involved in another event at the convention to be confirmed and announced at a later time so stay tuned. (April 27)

Panel Applications

Hey folks, Don't forget that there is still time to submit if you are looking to run a panel or workshop at Omnicon 2018 on August 25th. We will be starting some event announcements soon so why not submit now and potentially get your name out there with the initial wave of featured events? Omnicon featured some unique and great events last year such as Mock the Geek, and we fully endorse having such fresh content for this year's event also. Apply here on our website. (April 3)

GamerFest Ireland

Our friends at GamerFest Ireland will be joining us in Limerick for their own event this June. We will be attending and have a table there to promote Omnicon 2018.(March 28)

Trickster FX

Trickster FX We are happy to announce that Terry Ledger Trickster FX will be at the con in August, demoing their SFX makeup and effects. These guys are quite talented, as you can see from the photos below, and do some great stuff such as Plasmid effects from Bioshock.(March 3)


We had a great time at Shurikon 2018 last weekend. It was a fantastic event and we had a great time attending. We got to meet and hang out with some great people and promote Omnicon 2018.(February 15)

501st Garrison

501st Garrison Hey folks, We are delighted to announce that the 501st Ireland Garrison and their Heroes Unite Ireland will be joining us for Omnicon this year. The 501st Legion is worldwide costume group known for their screen proof accuracy when it comes to their Stat Wars costumes, so expect to see Vader and co' on site keeping an eye out for rebel scum. Heroes Unite Ireland In the last few years as well the Heroes Unite division has sprung up to showcase their top class costumes from popular TV and movie franchises such as Marvel and Judge Dredd. Be sure to come and get your picture taken with your favourite characters, and if you are a costumer aimed at accuracy then maybe talk to the guys about signing up. (February 14)

Board Games Evening

Hi folks, Our first promotional night will take place with our friends at Odeon once again. Bring your own board games or play some from our library. The event is completely free, and Omnicon tickets will be on sale on the night at the discounted online price should you wish to pick yours up then.(January 31)

We will be at Akumakon

It's great to see the con season starting again! The Omnicon team will be heading to Akumakon 2018 this weekend and we hope to catch up with you all there.(January 18)

Vendor and Panelist Applications

Hey folks, We are now taking Vendor applications and panelist applications! If you would like a stall at the convention or would like to give a presentation, head on over to events page, download the appropriate form, and send it completed to Please take care to read your form carefully, and note that this is the only way to apply for a stall or panel/workshop at the con.(January 16)

Ticket on sale now

Great news folks! Omnicon 2018 tickets are officially on sale. Tickets are only €12.50 online (€15 on the door) and limited tickets will be available online. Check out our website, available through the link below, and buy your tickets for this amazing event.New date, new venue and lots more. Omnicon 2018 this August 25th, at the National South Court Hotel.(January 12)

We're Back!!!

We are delighted to announce that Omnicon 2018 will be taking place on August 25th 2018! We are moving to the International Convention Centre over at the Great National South Court Hotel in Limerick, which will give us a much bigger space to work with and it will give us a chance to provide so much more in content and activities. All applications will be open in the New Year. We look forward to seeing you at Omnicon 2018!!