Here will be all the competitions that we will have running at Omnicon 2018!

Cosplay Competition

Cosplay really makes a con, I think we can all agree. Whether a child or an adult, the joy of seeing Batman, Storm Troopers and all your favourite anime characters all in one room brings a smile to everyone's face. That is why we are happy to announce that we will of course be running a cosplay competition and masquerade once again this year. While many will compete in the catagories of Beginner, Advanced and Master, many others will walk the stage just for fun. Ft you are interested in signing up online, then you can by simply following the link below and follow the form through to the end.

Sign Up Here!!

This is not a requirement in order to enter, however it does guarantee you a space if numbers are high, and saves you a little bit of time on the day to check out the con instead. Information on the pre-judging and masquerade times will be available soon on our timetables, so keep an eye out for that. Also please see our Costume and Weapons policy HERE

Infinity Stones Event


The Mad Titan has clashed with the God of Thunder himself. Thanos has found the location of the 6 Infinity Stones and is sending his minions to get them. But Thor has a plan; he is going to send agents to infiltrate the Black Order to find the locations from Thanos and get the stones before he does. With them, he will use their power to.....turn Thanos into a Funko Pop?

This is an event for all ages at Omnicon. Thanos, seen here, will hold 6 clues, one for each of the 6 Infinity Stones. Get these clues and solve them to find the 6 gems scattered around the convention venue (don't worry, there are enough for everyone). When you retrieve all 6, find Thor and bring them to him. The first person to do this will be the winner and receive a prize on stage at the conclusion of the cosplay contest (~3.30pm)

This event is free for everyone at the con, so go out and give it a go. But don't let Thanos know, or we are all doomed.

Console Tournaments

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 will be played on the PS4. This is a great event for fighting game enthusiasts and super hero fans alike, and is completely free. Full rules to come when our timetables go live.

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart is one of the most well known and accessible games on the market, which makes it perfect for communal play at an event like ours. This tournament will be played on the Nintendo Switch Full rules to come when our timetables go live.


We wanted to try something different with this year's events, and so we are happy to announce that we will be running an Arms tournament on Nintendo Switch at Omnicon. Arms is one of the most interesting games to come out for the console and we are eager to see how such an event plays out. Full rules to come when our timetables go live.


An old classic. This will be run on the Xbox 360 for old time sake, though we have not yet decided between Halo 3 or Halo Reach.

Singstar Contest


We have decided to run a mini competition on SingStar. To enter, all you have to do is get and keep the highest score on the Lion King's 'I Just Can't Wait to Be King'. Who will be crowned King of SingStar?

Colouring Competition


For all the children out there, we will be running an Omnicon colouring competition manned by the fantastic Molly-Often-Doodles at her stall. The prize for the competition will be given at our raffle draw at 15.30!