Cosplay Guest

We are very happy to announce the first of our two cosplay special guests, Harimau Cosplay. Ciaran, otherwise known as Harimau, has made a huge impact on the Irish cosplay scene in the last year or two due to the level of talent and detail that he has been capable of putting into his costumes despite being only in the craft for less than 3yrs.

Ciaran is well known for his foam builds, mostly centering around original creations inspired by the Star Wars universe, creations that Disney themselves would be jealous of. He was the runner-up of the Irish EuroCosplay qualifier and has won best overall at Dublin Comic Con in 2018. He will be demonstarting some of his process and techniques throughout the weekend, with more details to follow on his panels for the con. He will also be one of the 3 judges for the cosplay competition and Omnicon Cosplay Legends.

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