Cosplay Legends Prizes!

Look how shiny our prize pool is forĀ Omnicon Cosplay Legends so far! This is all of the prizes from our official sponsors (Tyges Supplies, Full Dip Ireland, Coloured Contacts, Cosplay Shop ‘Select Styles’) however there will also be a trophy for the overall winner, some other tools, as well as some digital cosplay books to help your crafting experience.

There has been some confusion over our various competitions this year and so we wanted to clarify each of them and how they work; please read this if you are interested in cosplay at Omnicon 2019.

General Masquerade
– this event takes place on Saturday
– sign-ups will only be taken on the day
– there will be beginner, experienced and advanced catagories
– made costumes will be eligible for pre judging
– you may of course enter just to go on stage and have fun

Legends Walk-on
– this event will be on the Sunday
– sign-ups will only be on the day
– no pre-judging
– this is a catwalk style competition where awards are won solely as spot prizes; get up and have fun and do your best

The Stuff of Legends – Pro competition
– this event is on Sunday
– sign-ups are ONLINE ONLY
– WIP photos may be sent in AFTER the application deadline (which is next Friday)
– only made costumes; all are pre-judged
– you cannot enter a costume if it won the General Masquerade on Saturday

So much more information can be found here but this is the gist of it. If you are entering Legends Pro and are worried about sending in music and photos, you still have plenty of time for that, just be sure to get your application in before it is too late.

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