Mock The Geek

Hey folks, Tickets are now on sale and with that comes the usual question; what’s on this year? How about the OG Mock The Geek IRL for starters? Many who attended back in Year 1 may remember the debut showing of Mock the Geek, the “gameshow” that is all things pop culture. Run by Saturday’s Child Cosplay and Loudmouth Design, the event hit off in a big way to the point it has even spawned spin-off shows on the scene today. Unfortunately the team behind it were not able to attend last year but are back this year with an even better show behind them.

Of course we have many more events to announce over the coming days and weeks; it is early days yet, so don’t worry!

And if you would like to run a panel or workshop such as Mock the Geek, please submit a panel application to us here.

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