Omnicon Cosplay Legends

Cosplay has been a huge part of Omnicon since its inception two years ago, and this year that is more true than ever. With the introduction of a second day for Omnicon 2019, we are also introducing a new event; the Omnicon Cosplay Legends. Cosplay Legends will be a separate competition on the Sunday of the convention, with the sole focus of picking the absolute best cosplayer we can find as a winner.

Every aspect of each entry will be judged to the nth degree, from their costume, to their performance, and everything in between; think of it as our Professional catagory. And we will have some excellent prizes to give away to the winners thanks to the many wonderful sponsors who are donating for this competition specifically; that means lots of cosplay loot to be won!

More information, including the judges announcement, will be available soon, with sign-ups starting exclusively online later this weekend, but in the meantime, get crafting; we don’t call it “Legends” for nothing!

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