All the details of our panels can be found here! This will be updated as we confirm and announce more panels

If you are interested in running a panel or workshop at Omnicon this year please download the form below and send the completed form to

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Cosplay Photography Panel

Donald Manning

Hey folks, Groot here just signed up for the Omnicon Cosplay Competition with his fantastic Wonder Woman outfit. And it you are interested in signing up online, then you can too; simply follow the link here and follow the form through to the end. This is not a requirement in order to enter, however it does guarantee you a space if numbers are high, and saves you a little bit of time on the day to check out the con instead. Information on the pre-judging and masquerade times will be available soon on our timetables, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, keep on crafting.

Speedster in the Tardis Panel


Fan film enthusiast, content creator and resident friendly Flash, Speedster In The Tardis Cosplays will be presenting a panel at Omnicon on getting started on YouTube. With a strong film scene in Limerick we hope this presentation will be a great interest to many going to the con.

Obsidian Dragon

Obsidian Dragon Cosplay

We are delighted to announce that Obsidian Dragon Creations will be hosting a wonderful panel called 'How to Make your Dragon'. The panel will look at how to combine different techniques and the various stages of building a cosplay from scratch. This will be a fantastic panel for those that are looking to get into cosplay and for those who already cosplay and are looking to learn and expand on different techniques.

Kylie Dunleavy SFX

Kylie Dunleavy

SFX artist Kylie Dunleavy will be presenting a panel of her work at Omnicon. For those of you interested in this line of work and art, Omnicon is the absolute place to be this August. The panel wil be n introduction to SFX makeup, tips on how to self teach and implent FX into cosplays from SFX Artist and NYX face awards finalist HeyHorrible.

The Gravel Pit Panel

The Gravel Pit

Hey folks, The Gravel Pit Podcast team will be joining us at Omnicon this year to present "What the Flip Media", a look at some of the most bizarre clips and happenings in anime, games, and all popular media. This should be an entertaining one to watch, so don't miss it.