Convention Rules

Omnicon staff reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone. We also reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are not following the convention rules and policies. Alcohol is sold in the hotel but we ask that you drink in the bar where it is being served and not in the convention hall.

  • Attendees must wear wristbands at all times (Cosplayers may wear the wristband under their costumes)
  • Under age children must be accompanied by an adult
  • No rough play of any kind
  • No dangerous, offensive or derogatory clothing
  • No harrasement of any kind, physical or verbal
  • Don’t take inappropriate photos of cosplayers or take any photos without their permission
  • No console hogging
  • Respect the venue
  • Respect the other attendees
  • Respect the convention and the staff

Costume Policy

Omnicon is a family event so costumes must cover as much as a modest swimsuit.

  • No clothing is no clothing. Ensure that your costume covers you sufficiently
  • No bare feet
  • No rollerblades/skates indoors
  • No discriminatory iconography
  • No harmful objects (e.g. sharp metal components/edges)

Weapons Policy

Omnicon staff reseverve the right to inspect any props and also confiscate any props deemed dangerous or harmful by staff.

  • No bludgeoning weapons
  • No weapons or props made of metal
  • Wooden props may be allowed at the staffs dicretion. (e.g soft or light woods may be allowed. No hard woods)
  • No glass or liquids
  • No explosives
  • No aerosols or compressed air chambers
  • No working projectiles (e.g. crossbows, slingshots, water guns, water ballons etc.)
  • No real weapons
  • No props over 5 ft long
  • Don’t swing props or weapons. Keep props down or holstered unless posing for photos.

If you are unsure if your prop will be allowed at the convention please contacts us here or facebook.

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