Below is the information for all the lovely people and businesses that have sponsors us throughout the year.

Loudmouth Design

Firstly, we would like to mention Loudmouth Design who created our amazing new logo. Please check him out on Facebook as he does some incredible digital art.

Uncanny Collectibles

Uncanny Collectibles have sponsored lots of prizes for us this year and have been very supportive. Uncanny Collectibles are Ireland’s premier online action figure & collectibles store. While they are an online store, you will find them in person, with tables full of awesomeness at a lot of the Comic Cons & Gaming Conventions in Ireland. They deliver both within Ireland and Worldwide. Check out their website and Facebook page.

Escape Scene Limerick

Escape Scene in Limerick very graciously sponsored a prize, for the pub quiz, of a voucher for 2-6 people do one of there escape rooms. Escape Scene Limerick will get your adrenaline pumping, as time is rushing!! Solve riddles, clues & games within an hour, to Escape a themed room. Check the out of Facebook and on their website.


We are delighted have Steamboat as another sponsor for our Omnicon Fundraiser Pub Quiz!! We want to say a big thank you to Steamboat Music who sponsored us a 100 euro goodie bag. Steamboat is Limerick’s home for Comics, Game Workshop, Vinyl, Instruments and CDs, go check them out.

Jaconi Crafts

Jaconi Crafts are a family business that have a large range of handmade gifts for all occasions. They have generously gifted us with with some cool prizes for our pub quiz raffle. Make sure you check them out through the link above.

Dawn Hammer Props

A big thank you to Dawn Hammer Props for donating a prize for our pub quiz raffle. Dawn Hammer Props, is a cosplayer from Kilrush who is currently living in Limerick and has been crafting for 2 years and cosplaying for a year ago. He specializes in worbla, pepakura, fibreglass and body filler and is kindly making us Loki’s dagger to add to our prize pool. Go check out his page!

Full Dip

We are very happy to announce that Full Dip Ireland are sponsoring this year’s Omnicon Cosplay Legends event. Not only have they thrown in some t-shirts, they have supplied us with a whole box of Full Dip cans in both black and white, a must for any prop maker. 

Tyges Supplies

Our second official sponsor for Omnicon Cosplay Legends is Tyges Supplies. Tyges sell a wide range of cosplay material such as foam and Flexi Paint, as well as books from many people’s favourite makers. They have gracitiosly donated two vouchers for the winner and runner-up of the competition .

Coloured Contacts

Coloured Contacts will now be sponsoring the Omnicon Cosplay Legends main competition this year. This the third in a line of excellent sponsors for this event, and we are not even done yet; the prize pool will continue to grow.

Cosplay Shop Select Style

Cosplay Shop Select Style has very generously sponsored lots of prizes for our Cosplay Legends Pro competition. Select Style is a retail store for Worbla, thermoplastic sheets, EVA foam, foam, mousse, foam rubber and more. The Shop for Cosplayers and creatives!

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