Walk-On Masquerade

Hey folks We are happy to announce that Omnicon Cosplay Legends will now host not 1, but 2 events. As well as the masters competition, which we tentatively dub “The Stuff of Legends”, we will be hosting a traditional walk-on masquerade more akin to what we did in Year 1. Whereas the masters competition is a hardcore crafting bout, the walk-on masquerade will be all about having fun. It will open to everyone and there will be no pre-judging or traditional catagories. Instead prizes will be awarded for different merits such as best performance, most entertaining or crowd favourite. Sign-ups will be taken on the day with times TBC.

And for those non-cosplaying fans, don’t worry. We know we have had a lot of cosplay announcements lately, but we have a few gaming announcements later this game, so stay tuned.

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