Demo Area

We will update this page with what will be in our demo area

LimBrick City

The guys from Lim Brick City will be joining us again for Omnicon 2019. We are delighted to have the guys back for another year after a great response last year, where they will have their extensive Lego play area as well as a stall in the vendor hall selling various Lego goodies. They were a big hit last year so make sure you don’t miss what they bring to the table at this year’s Omnicon.

Spraoi VR

Spraoi VR will be back at Omnicon this year. Spraoi was by far the most popular activity at the convention last year, and we are happy to welcome them back where they will be boasting their brand new game and setup rig, making for even bigger and better gameplay.


Back by popular demand and for their second run, we are pleased to have Radar Games back at Omnicon 2019 to play test their dinosaur battle game “Chomp”. Fun for all ages, Chomp let’s you power up creatures and then battle it out in turn based combat. Dominate on your own or form temporary alliances to aid each other, in the end only 1 can remain.

Kaela’s Cosplay and Crafts

For the engineering and crafting inclined, Kaela’s Cosplay and Crafts will have a table at the con again this year where she will be showing off the workings of a 3d printer live. You will be able to see the process of the printing before your eyes, and some of the prints will even be for sale or giveaway throughout the weekend.

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