Saturdays Panels

11:00 Get Rekt with Harimau Cosplay

“Get Rekt” is a demonstration of painting and weathering techniques used by Harimau Cosplay for the illusionary effect of making cosplay materials appear as lived-in metalic armours straight out of the grittier realities of comics, games and film.

12:45 It’s all in the details: how to level up your cosplay

Our guest Bambi Lashes will be showing you how to bring out the best in your cosplay through all the little things. From weathering to embroidery and everything in between, it’s all about the details!”

14:00 Horror In Pokemon

Hosted by Straight Outta Kanto. Ireland’s newest Irish blog for Pokemon nostalgia, nerd culture, news, nonsense and more present “Horror in Pokemon!”. A spooky and irreverent look at the darker side of everyone’s favourite 90’s cartoon and video game. Also touching on the external influences of Japanese folk lore and mythology as well as modern pop culture that contributes to putting the “monster” in pocket monsters…! Already sampled at JCon in Croke Park 2018 and Amikon 2019, this is an engaging and lively discussion that’s updated and altered with each airing – no two talks are the same.

15:00 Cosplay Masquerade

The cosplay masquerade for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced competition will take place at 3pm. Prejudging for these categories will take place from 2pm at the cosplay desk.

16:00 Cosplay Blind Date

Looking for Love? Enjoy Anime, Games, and general Nerd Culture? Over 18? This is the place for you!

Get into Gear, and get into character, for Omnicon’s first ever Cosplay Blind Dating! 
A wonderful opportunity to ship characters you never even knew you wanted to ship before!

All sexual oritentations accepted!

Interested in applying? Apply to participate here.

This will take place on the Saturday of Omnicon. Time TBC.

17:30 Mock The Geek

Many who attended back in Year 1 may remember the debut showing of Mock the Geek, the “gameshow” that is all things pop culture. Run by Saturday’s Child Cosplay and Loudmouth Design, the event hit off in a big way to the point it has even spawned spin-off shows on the scene today. Unfortunately the team behind it were not able to attend last year but are back this year with an even better show behind them.

19:00 Ansonix

Ansonix is going to be joining us at Omnicon 2019 this year to play two sets. Ansonix is a video game digital musician well known on the convention scene and we are very happy to have him with us this year.

We will have an hour long concert the close out the day on the Saturday of the convention. Furthermore, Ansonix will be playing throughout the walk-on portion of the Omnicon Cosplay Legends event; for those who inquired about doing skits don’t worry, this won’t impact your plans.

Sundays Panels

11:00 Anime Bingo

A fun take on the traditional game of bingo with prizes for the winners! How many anime characters will you collect?

12:00 Cosplay Legends PreJudging

This session is for the contestants of the Legends competition only. During this time the contestants will talk to the judged and tell them about the work that went into making their costumes.

13:00 Bootleg Jesus: Melting Snowflakes 1 by 1

In this panel, our trader Ntoonz will discuss animation and the success of there animation series, Bootleg Jesus, which is about the less successful son of God.

14:00 Lego Panel: Ain’t It AFOL?

This lego panel will be hosted by our friends at LimBrick City who will also have a stall and lego play area at the convention.

15:00 Cosplay Q&A

Our cosplay guests, Bambi Lashes and Harimau Cosplay will take part in a hosted Q&A session to answer any of your questions about cosplay.

15:30 Cosplay Legends

From 15:30 the cosplay legends contest and walk on will take place. The contest will be for those who have entered and been prejudged for the Pro competition. The walk-on will be for those who would like to to just go on stage and show off their costume to the crowd.

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